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Carlisle Infant School


The Carlisle Infant School Experience

Teaching and learning at Carlisle Infant School is underpinned by four key principles that are integrated into daily practice to enhance its quality and to have a positive impact on all children, supporting them to learn well and thrive.

These research-based principles enable each individual to flourish; developing learners who can demonstrate our values of: Happiness, Belonging, Curiosity, Courage, Confidence, Ambition and Togetherness




Impactful feedback includes verbal feedback, low stakes quizzes and questioning, that provides an assessment of learning in the lesson. Teaching then responds and adapts to correct misconceptions through re-teaching, revisiting or redirecting the lesson.


“Reading and writing float on a sea of talk.” James Britton, 1976
Teachers promote high quality talk in all lessons. Explicit teaching of vital vocabulary helps to close the word gap and increases children’s overall understanding.


etrieval Recalling and remembering information, skills and key processes from prior learning that supports the transfer of knowledge to our long-term memory. Retrieval practice is interleaved from last lesson, last week, last term, last year and takes place within all lessons.


hallenge Teachers are ambitious for ALL children.  Learners are expected to think hard and develop resilience where learning is difficult. Opportunities for independent practice become more sustained with collaborative and reciprocal learning opportunities to develop deeper thinking.

Click on the subject links to find out about how our curriculum subjects are taught at Carlisle Infant School and see our progression maps which outline our sequences of learning, the vocabulary that is taught and enrichment opportunities offered in different terms.

Carlisle Curriculum Booklets - Overviews for parents 

  Reception Year 1 Year 2

Autumn 1

Me and My World
Amazing Africa
The Rainforest
Autumn 2
Polar Explorers
Journeys through the Ocean
Spring 1
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Out of this World
Mythical Creatures
Spring 2
Everyday Heroes
If the Dinosaurs Came Back
The Fire of London
Summer 1
It's a Bugs Life
The Secret Garden
Up, Up and Away
Summer 2
Commotion in the Ocean
Eco Champions
A Journey through India

Please see below the curriculums which help to shape our Carlisle Curriculum: 

EYFS: Development Matters

KS1: Primary National Curriculum