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Carlisle Infant School


Every type of voluntary contribution you make to our schools is valued hugely and makes a real difference to the lives of our pupils. The time, energy, skills and money given by our wider school community, all help to make our schools,  places where children can thrive.    

With funding for schools increasingly limited, support from our school community is vital to ensure our learning environment, both inside and out and the learning experiences offered to the children, are the best they can be. Over the past few years, we have been supported by families who:

  • Volunteer in school supporting learning
  • Support our Dig days, maintaining our amazing outdoor space 
  • Bake cakes for cake sales
  • Participate in CSA events either by joining the committee or through supporting them , the Carlisle School Association is our Parent, teacher association for more information click on the following links Carlisle School Association (PTA) 
  •  Carlisle School Association website
  • Bought items from our Amazon wish lists, 
  • Used online fundraising sites and much more.

Please see below to explore the ways you can support us:

*NEW* School Donations
If you wish to, you can now make a one-off donation, or a regular standing order paid directly to each school. This is a new option following a positive response to a survey last year. Many local schools have a similar scheme and we felt it would be a good addition. It’s completely voluntary and flexible (you donate as little or as much as you wish, whichever works for you).

For a one-off donation: You can do this through your Arbor account . If you need login details, please contact the school office). Click on the Donate button and you will receive a receipt straight away.

For a regular donation: Please complete and return the standing order form (that can be collected from the school office). You can make a monthly or annual donation - any amount is welcome.

School Wish lists on Amazon
If you would rather purchase specific items, each school has created a list of books / learning resources to support and enrich the curriculum for the children. Simply log into your Amazon account and search for the relevant wish list, then pick the items you would like to give to the school. Alternatively, you can follow these links. Your purchase can be delivered directly to the school, or to you if you wish to bring it in.

CIS Wish list

HHJS Wish list

Year 3 wish list

Year 4 Wish list

Year 5 Wish list

Year 6 Wish list 

Volunteering of time, skills, experience… 
Volunteering your time to help with school activities on a regular or one-off basis has a huge impact on the success and happiness of our schools. If you would like to volunteer in school please contact the school offices and they will talk you through the options and sign you up!

We have also set up a ‘Skills Database’ where you can register your profession/knack/knowledge area. It really helps us to know who we have in our school community so we can ask for help and/or advice with specific tasks if needed. Your participation would be completely voluntary and signing up doesn’t place you under any obligation – please contact the School Office if you can contribute.

Parent Association - Carlisle School Association (CSA) are a group of parent/carer volunteers who donate time, energy and enthusiasm to help organise events and activities that bring our communities together and raise money. The funds raised can be used to support ‘fun’ events for our children (e.g. the Christmas pantomime and lunch, gardening clubs, library furniture etc.) and also provide learning resources for the classroom – agreed in collaboration with each school. If you would like to be a part of either group please get in touch 

Online charity shopping fundraising site – The Giving Machine
This is the biggest UK online charity fundraising site. We receive a percentage of the total each time you shop as a thank you from the retailers at no extra cost to you. To get started, please visit the Giving Machine website, choose HHJS and/or CIS as your chosen charity (you can split your donation between both schools), then shop as normal (starting from the Giving Machine site each time). Sample donation percentages are 9% for Expedia, 2.8% for Lakeland or 0.70%% from Amazon – every little helps!

Matched Funding

Did you know that if you work for a large organisation (particularly banks, legal and accountancy firms but also corporates such as Tesco, O2, Unilever etc) chances are you can help Carlisle School Association (CSA) raise a lot of money for very little effort!

All of these companies offer something called Matched Funding (or Matched Giving) as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes, where they will offer to 'match' funds raised by a charitable organisation such as the CSA.  For example, just by helping out for 1/2 an hour on a stall at the Christmas or Summer Fair that raises £200, you could then ask your employer to 'match' this by contributing another £200 - thus increasing our fundraising significantly!

Ask your employer if they can help and let us know.