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Carlisle Infant School


Our last Ofsted Inspection was in July 2018. 

We have been judged to be a 'good' school.

'Pupils are happy at school. They are eager to learn and show enthusiasm when talking about the variety of things they find out about at school.’


‘Parents have high levels of confidence in the school. They report that the school is a welcoming place and they value the way it is led and managed.’


‘In a typical comment, one parent wrote, Carlisle is a wonderfully nurturing, supportive friendly environment for children beginning their school journey.’


‘Your curriculum provides a range of opportunities for pupils to learn to keep themselves safe. For example, pupils spoke knowledgeably about road safety and stranger and stranger danger.’


'Children develop good social and emotional skills.’

‘You have created a caring and nurturing ethos where good behaviour and trying hard are valued.’


‘During my discussion with pupils, they spoke about how much they enjoy school trips and the active learning zones in the school.’


‘Pupils consider the school to be a safe place where adults look after them well.’


'Behaviour in lessons is very good and pupils behave safely in the playground.’


‘Reception classes are bright and stimulating, promoting knowledge and understanding of the world and a love of learning.’