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Carlisle Infant School


Our last Ofsted Inspection was in January 2014.


Pupils achieve well. They make good progress from their starting points to reach standards that are significantly above the national average by the end of Year 2 in reading, writing and mathematics.’


‘Teaching is good. Teachers make lessons fun and exciting so pupils are keen to learn. They check pupils’ progress regularly so that they can put measures into place to ensure none fall behind.’


‘Pupils have plenty of opportunities to practise key skills across the curriculum.’


‘Teachers have positive attitudes to their own development, seeking out feedback and acting upon it with clear effect on the quality of their performance.’



‘Pupils are keen to come to school. Attendance figures have improved over the last three years and are now above average.’


‘Pupils behave well and are courteous and helpful, for example taking care with resources and showing good manners to each other and to staff.’


‘Leaders have successfully instituted a range of key improvements since the previous inspection.’


'Governors play a major role in ensuring standards remain high and the quality of teaching continues to improve.’


‘The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well.’