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Carlisle Infant School

Personal, Social and Health Education


Image result for jigsaw psheAt Carlisle Infant School, Personal, Health, Social Education (PHSE) is delivered through the Jigsaw Scheme of Work which provides a mindful, progressive approach to teaching children.

The aim of the scheme is to teach children the skills they need to navigate their emotions, social skills and spiritual development. Each Year group from Reception to Year 6 follow the same six puzzles throughout the school year which ensure progression in an age appropriate way. They cover:

  1. Being me in my world
  2. Celebrating difference
  3. Dreams and goals
  4. Healthy me
  5. Relationships
  6. Changing me (including age-appropriate sex education)

Children learn through a range of activities during each lesson.  A calm Me time using an energy bar chime encourages mindfulness and teaches children how to be aware of themselves. Each class has a Jigsaw piece for their year group; in Reception it is Jigsaw Jenie, in Year 1, Jigsaw Jack and in Year 2 Jigsaw Jo. The cushion is used during circle time when children are encouraged to share their feelings and emotions about the topic in a safe environment. The Jigsaw Charter sits well alongside our use of the Golden Rules.

In addition, children play games that connect them as a class, they are introduced to new ideas and concepts, they have the opportunity to manipulate, play and use their new concepts and then reflect on what they have learnt. Stories and songs are used to support the learning.

At Carlisle Infant School, we recognise the importance of social skills and learning to respond to emotions. We encourage the children to use The Zones of Regulation to explain how they are feeling and look for strategies to regulate their emotions. Therefore, in addition to Jigsaw all class teachers will regularly make time for circle times and discussions as the need arises. Many issues are discussed after play and lunchtimes and we are always mindful of addressing issues such as loss and changes that take place in children’s lives with sensitivity and understanding.