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Carlisle Infant School

Pupil Zone

Welcome to our Carlisle Pupil Zone!

Here you can have fun while you are learning!

Click on the links below to explore different subjects you are learning about at school.

Remember to take lots of breaks if your learning is on a screen. 15-20 minutes is long enough! Then take a break and enjoy a movement break such as moodbusters!





Computing links:

















Maths links:





Science links:

PE links:

P.E. with Joe Wicks

Joe Wickes (aka The Body Coach) was live on YouTube every morning whilst schools were partly closed during the Covid 19 pandemic. He offered daily 30 minute PE lessons with the goal of being the nation's PE teacher. These all remain on YouTube which encourage children to get involved and get active!

Joe Wicks PE

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Join Jamie on YouTube to offer your kids a chance to learn oga and mindfulness within an adventure story or guided relaxation.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Just Dance

On YouTube, you can access many videos from the popular Just Dance video game without having to pay for them. A great PE session for the whole family to join in with.

Andy's Wild Workouts

For all you CBeebies fans, Any Day has a series on YouTube for younger children called Andy's Wild Workouts. Each video follows a different theme such as a beach or rainforest adventure. Videos are informative and educational, as well as active and only last about six minutes, so good for a quick burst.

Andy's Wild Workouts

BBC Teach Supermovers

Supermovers is a great resource which has loads of videos that combine education with exercise. There are options for KS1 and KS2 with easy to follow activities covering topics such as number bonds, times tables, and division for Maths, ad grammar, spelling and punctuation for English. They also have some Science and Language exercise videos and a Supermovers Champions section to help older children develop confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. A great way to continue your child's learning while also having a PE lesson.


Content made by teachers and includes free Quick Blast videos such as Samba and Disco, and a Mental Health and Wellbeing section with guided meditations, pilates and a worry monster activity. They also have a nice activity timetable you can print off for your child to complete.