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Carlisle Infant School



At Carlisle Infant School, our budding scientists are engaged and excited by a science curriculum that ensures they are provided with hands-on experiences and investigations to support their learning of key scientific concepts as set out in the Primary Science National curriculum. We are lucky enough to have a variety of outdoor spaces in which the children can explore and experience the natural world around them. Through collaborative discussions, children are supported in clarifying their thinking and learning to make predictions and answer questions based on what they discover.

We ensure gaps in prior knowledge are closed by regularly revisiting prior learning and providing enrichment opportunities that are selected to support all children’s understanding and attainment in Science.  Children have opportunities to meet specialist visitors and go on external visits to support and broaden their scientific understanding.

Key vocabulary is a focus for Science; ensuring that scientific vocabulary is embedded at each stage of their learning pathway is vital.  Children follow a spiral curriculum that spans over 7 years, culminating in Year 6.  Carlisle Infant School works closely with Hampton Hill Junior School to ensure that the foundations are laid for Key Stage 2 and beyond – promoting lifelong curiosity and engagement in Science.