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Carlisle Infant School

Special Educational Needs and Disability ~ SEND

Please see below our SEND Information Report which tells you about our approach to supporting children with special educational needs or disabilities.

Access facilities for pupils with disabilities and our accessibility plan

We have an up-to-date Accessibility Policy & Plan (please see policies under the Federation part of the website) and this ensures that the needs of physical disabilities are not discriminated against. Pupils are able to access all parts of the school site and we have reserved parking for parents/carers who may have a disability and who need to drive to school. We have experience of successfully educating a large number of pupils with wide ranging disabilities.

Our school SENCo is Lorraine Blake and our SEND Governor is Maggie Bassett.

Please contact the school office, in the first instance, to speak with the SENCo.


Calm Corner

We are lucky to have a ‘safe space’ at Carlisle Infant School that we refer to as our Calm Corner. This is a place of safety with soft padding on walls.  A safe space can provide a low stimulation area, which pupils can use to settle in, or have quiet time away from a busy classroom. Pupils can use the safe space as a means of managing their own behaviour, by requesting time in it when they recognise their stress levels are rising.
This room is a multi-purpose room and used for a variety of reasons;

  • If a child is dysregulated and needs a sensory free space.
  • To provide a quiet space for children who are feeling overwhelmed with the busy school environment.
  • To provide a space for sensory play and support