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Carlisle Infant School

Volunteering at Carlisle Infant School

At Carlisle Infant School we are incredibly grateful for the support and time that some members of our community are able to offer. 

We welcome volunteers, whether you are able to commit to volunteering on a regular basis or now and again, when possible.    

Induction Procedures (including student teachers)

At Carlisle Infant School we understand the importance of inducting new staff, volunteers and teaching students into the school community. 

Effective induction is key to building a culture of continuous improvement. All newly appointed volunteers and student teachers will receive guidance appropriate to their role, ensuring all individuals:

  • Feel welcome and comfortable and integrate successfully into the school
  • Understand the importance of the ethos and school values and their role in promoting these
  • Understand what is expected of them and how we will support them in meeting those expectations
  • Are able to gain experience of supporting children with their learning
  • Are able to contribute to improving and developing the overall effectiveness of our school
  • Are able to meet the needs of the whole school community

Below are a number of links or documents that we would like you to have read or watched before starting at Carlisle Infant School.

Many of these documents are there to support your knowledge of the school and how we, at Carlisle Infant School, safeguard our children, staff and volunteers.


Volunteer Guidelines November 2023

Volunteer Information

Volunteering Presentation Slideshow

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Read Part 1 of the Department of Education document "Keeping children safe in education - Statutory guidance for schools and colleges".

Read the NSPCC information on Female Genital Mutilation NSPCC FGM Information

Watch the Video- Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - A change has begun you'll need sound for this.

Read the document Achieving for children (AFC) - Keeping children and young people safe against radicalisation and extremism (Leaflet for parents and carers).

Whistle Blowing policy

Health and Safety policy


Completing the Process

Thank you for reading these induction documents.  Could you please download the document Induction Volunteers checklist (see below) and complete the following sections:




If you do not have access to a printer, we can complete this part of the induction at school.

Induction Checklist for Volunteers

Once this is done please sign and date to show that you have completed the induction programme and hand into the School Office for the attention of the Deputy Headteacher (Mr Wells).  We greatly appreciate your time in helping us to support the children and improve their outcomes, which is our ultimate aim.